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  • Slide: stable for children with a gentle, long descent, which can be used in two 
    variants - sliding and pulling uphill. Safe for 
    children thanks to the wide base. 

    Wooden ladder, climbing net - their main task is 
    to overcome children's fear of heights, they are stable, safe and 
    can be used in many ways.


    Please Allow 2-3 weeks shipping time.

    The climbing wall is available in two versions, one with convex textures typical of climbing walls and one with cut-out textures, which also allows you to practice throwing to the target.

    Slide/desk + chair. The desk can be used for educational exercises, drawing, etc.

     A roller slide that is not permanently attached can be used interchangeably with other components, such as a climbing wall. The versatility of this device allows it to be used frequently for many exercises. Thanks to its shape, it can be used, e.g. as a cradle.

    Dimensions: 420x130x125 cm

    Climb System extended set + roller slide


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