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  • The dimensions of the small platform are: 1000 mm length x 535 mm width and height 650 mm

    The platform can be assembled and disassembled very easily and quickly. Assembly does not require any bolts or screws, so the platform can be stored dismantled. It then takes up very little space and can only be set up when needed. This is an ideal solution for small rooms.

    Additionally, the platform top is a skateboard with handles measuring 100 mm in length x 535 mm in width. After removing it from the platform, it can be used like a traditional SI therapy skateboard because it has the same wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees around their own axis. 

    The platform is perfect for our walls and deluxe ladders. Ramp with half-rollers, Ramp with half-circles, deluxe climbing ramp, climbing ramp, deluxe rope ramp and roller slides also fit it. The photos show several applications of our platforms.


    Please Allow 2-3 weeks shipping time.

    Large Base


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