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  •  The skateboard is upholstered with a special, pleasant-to-touch material (color choices available). Our offer also includes skateboards upholstered with artificial leather. The entire seat is covered with a soft sponge, making it very comfortable to use.

    All edges are protected with a special dense sponge, which means that in the event of a collision with a wall, for example, the impact will be cushioned.

    It is equipped with rubber wheels on a metal structure (very durable), which rotate 360 ​​degrees quietly and smoothly. 

    The construction of the skateboard is made of thick, durable plywood, which is varnished with a certified varnish (the varnish meets, among others, a very important standard for the safety of toys, it is free of heavy metals). Thanks to this, our product is resistant to dirt, has greater resistance to scratches, abrasion and even the effects of saliva or sweat. Most manufacturers do not varnish the components of their products, which reduces the safety and quality of the product.

    The skateboard also has hand grips. Thanks to this, when the skateboard is connected to  the guide rope and the therapist/parent pulls the skateboard, the child can safely stay on the skateboard.

    Each skateboard is equipped with a special eyelet under which an auxiliary rope can be attached , which increases the number of exercises performed on the skateboard.

    The product was manufactured in Poland in our production plant. 

    Equipment used to integrate the tonic labyrinthine reflex by enhancing extension responses on the abdomen and flexion responses on the back. This equipment is also used to develop and correct bilateral motor coordination and strong stimulation of the linear motion receptors of the vestibular system. Used especially for sensory-based movement disorders - dyspraxia and postural disorders.

     The cable visible in the photo is available as a separate product and is not included in the skateboard. Thanks to the rope, we can set the skateboard in motion and point it in any direction.  Please Allow 2-3 weeks shipping time.

    Round Skateboard


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