• An easy to clean sensory beanbag. Made from wipeable vinyl and PVC. Simply wipe off any dirt. 


    Our senco beanbag is comfortable and supportive. Made from micro beads the bean bag filling moulds itself to your body shape and provides proprioceptive feedback to the body as you sink into it. Comes with an inner lining bag to keep the beads are safe and that you can refill if needed. 


    1 metre diameter.


    Suitable for younger children or as a comfortable seat for older children and adults.


    Choose 1 or 2 different colours. Colour 1 is for the large part to sit on and colour 2 is for the band that goes around the beanbag.

    Easy Clean Sensory Beanbag Junior

    Colour 1 (Flat Part)
    Colour 2 (Band Part)