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    • HELPS CHILDREN FEEL SECURE AND FOCUSED: Does your child struggle to focus? Do they experience sensory overload and need a break? If your child has ASD or sensory processing disorder, these weighted vests are right for your family. The compression vests make the perfect partner for when your little one is feeling overloaded. Watch your child relax and finally find their focus.
    • CALMING INPUT FOR SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER: This weighted vest for kids is great for those kiddos seeking deep pressure sensory stimuli. Children with ASD, mood and sensory Processing Disorder will benefit from the weights vest. The sensory weighted vest applies a much-needed pressure to sensitive areas of the body helping your child feel grounded and in control.
    • COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE, AND DURABLE: Made out of soft neoprene and breathable mesh, our weighted compression vest is made to last with built-in ventilation using mesh to make sure your child stays cool. Easy to adjust with velcro and has pockets for added weights (6 weights for a total of 2 pounds of weight come included with purchase: 4, ¼ lb & 2, ½ lb). Be sure to measure your child before purchasing. Buy the next size up if your child is at the high end for measurements.
    • IDEAL FOR THE CLASSROOM OR TRAVEL: These security weight vests for children are completely portable. Add the compression vest to your child’s sensory toolbox and bring it along on car rides to help them feel safe and secure.

    Squeeze Weighted Deep Pressure Vest


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