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  • This innovative, weighted hand roller is a great calming fidget product. This small and compact roller rotates effortlessly in your hand and engages your fingers in full-motion. Use this super satisfying sensory tool to rotate in your hand, roll between your palms or roll to massage.


    Helps relieves stress and is particularly popular amongst teeangers and adults. Ideal for your desk, this handheld fidget toy can help massage muscles, relieve anxiety and tension, and improve dexterity. The weighted function also has a calming effect.


    The soothing, satisfying feel and near-thoughtless motion combine to help your mind stay on task while keeping fidgeting under control.


    Keeping your hand busy with our sensory fidget tool can help minimize habits, such as nail biting or other self-injurious behaviours.


    Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum, the frictionless, noiseless rolling helps you find balance and comfort even in busy, crowded areas where fidgeting needs to be discreet.


    Also helpful for hand function in individuals with dementia, Parkinsons, MS and other Hand Function difficulties. 


    Black zip case provided.

    Black Weighted Hand Rollers

    Color: Black
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